Chemical trade GREIBO - Chemie GmbH

chemical trade GREIBO - Chemie GmbH


“All China Leather Exhibition” in Shanghai

GREIBO - Chemie @ “All China Leather Exhibition” in Shanghai from 30th August – 1st September 2017.

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Cluster of Plastics and Chemistry Prize 2016

Gerhard Grothe was honored with an honorary award 2016 for his outstanding contributions to the Cluster of Plastics and Chemistry .

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Founded in 1996, the company is headquartered in Velten, in the north-west of Berlin. Velten is a traditional location for the chemical industry and for fat chemistry in Brandenburg. Here the medium-sized, continuously growing company GREIBO - Chemie GmbH developed.

Within a few years, a powerful chemical factory has been established, which has been approved since 1998 according to the Federal Pollution Control Act. The long-term professional experience and personal commitment of each individual employee makes a decisive contribution to the success of the company. Through constant further development and optimization of products and production.

Chemical products

Leather tannery industry

The focus of GREIBO Chemie lays on the development, production and marketing of auxiliaries for the leather industry, here with the Special eye on fatliquoring agents, our GREIBOSOL family. Another mainstay of the company is the GREIBOCUT family, the wide range of metalworking fluids with the special focus on cooling agents.

Defoaming agents

The third part belongs to the GREIMIN series, a selected range of defoaming agents for the plastic recycling, for the waste water treatment or for the paperindustry to prevent foam or reduce the negative influence of foam during technical processes.

As one of the first companies in the region, GREIBO - Chemie GmbH obtained the TÜV certificate according to DIN EN ISO 9002 for quality management in 1998 and continuously confirmed the result in the after - audits.

National and international, GREIBO - Chemie GmbH is known to your partners for quality and delivery reliability.