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GREIBO Chemie GmbH provides the ideal facilities to manufacture your industrial intermediate products.

Simply provide us with the formula and we will supply the required intermediate products at a stipulated, consistent level of quality in the size of packing drums selected by you. On request, we can also take on responsibility for preparing your final product. We can insert the product in your packing drums, attach your labels and deliver the goods punctually to your customers

GREIBO Chemie GmbH has an impressive array of state-of-the-art production facilities. These facilities are predominantly used to manufacture oleochemical products. Our modern analytical equipment enables us to constantly monitor and control the production process. All our facilities reflect the latest state of the art and comply with all pertinent environmental provisions.

How du you benefit?

· You get more time to focus on your core business
· You cut the costs of storage, materials handling, staff and administration
· You reduce your safety and environmental protection costs
· Your formulations and methods are guaranteed to be kept strictly confidential

Manufacturing process and capacities

leather chemistry

Our reactors have the capacity of between 0,5 and 20 tons per batch. We employ the most up to date measuring, batching and weighing technologies to ensure outstanding levels of quality and reliability.

Exothermic and endothermic reactions can be realized as well as regular mixing and blending of chemical products.

Due to the construction of our manufacturing hall in 2003 and a new warehouse in the autumn of 2013 we could increase our capacity to about 5000mt per year.

Our fully integrated tank farm has a capacity of 175.000 litre. Also we have an area of about 3.500square metre to store tank pallets and drum for Rawmaterials and final products.

Greibo-Chemie dispose of the technological equipment for realisation of:

  • saponify
  • esterny
  • oxidice
  • sulfatating
  • phosphating