Wet dressing rolling agent



GREIFER DR-8 is a water-soluble wet dressing rolling agent for wet dressing of cold-rolled steel sheets and steel bands.

Form: liquid  
Appearance: colorless or yellowish to dark brown, transparent 
Pour point: < 0 °C DIN ISO 3016
Boiling range: from ca. 95 °C  
Flash point: > 100 °C DIN ISO 2592
Density (20 °C): ca. 1.1 g/cm³ DIN 51757
Viscosity (20 °C): ca. 30 mPas DIN 53019
(5% in water, 20 °C):

8 - 10

DIN 51369
Solubility in water: soluble in all proportions  
Corrosion protection (5% in water 15 °dH):

DIN 51360-2
Refractometer factor (20 °C):


Chemical Composition:

Composition of additives, alkanol amines and microbiocides in water.



GREIFER DR-8 is specially developed for wet dressing of annealed, cold-rolled steel sheets and steel bands.

The product excels with the following advantages:

  • avoiding adhering of metal by a very good washing effect,
  • avoiding of roller slipping by low lubricity,
  • ensuring the corrosion protection up to the packaging of the bands.

A yellow or brown discoloration of the product is characteristic for the contained alkanolamines and does not reduce the applicability.

The product is free of boron, nitrite, secondary amines, organically bound halogens and organic solvents.

GREIFER DR-8 contains only biologically degradable components. Dilutions of the neutralized product will not affect the proper operation of wastewater treatment plants. The product does not contribute to halogen loading in the effluent.


Because of its elevated pH, the product is unsuitable for the treatment of non-ferrous metals or non-ferrous metal-coated ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metal-containing plant parts that may come in contact with the product should be replaced by pH-resistant parts.

Working concentration:
2 - 5 % in fully desalinated water
Application: one-off
System maintenance: concentration monitoring, microbial monitoring
Concentration monitoring:
with hand refractometer, by electric conductivity


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