Water-immiscible metalworking fluid


GREIBOCUT VG-10H is a multi-purpose neat cutting oil for super finishing and rough machining on low-alloyed steel, cast iron, aluminium, magnesium and yellow metals. GREIBOCUT VG-10H has well proven in grinding operations, as well. The product has been formulated on high pressure hydrogenated base oils with particularly low-aromatic hydrocarbons content. The distillation characteristics provide high flash point along with low evaporation loss.

GREIBOCUT VG-10H contains polar and EP-additives to achieve enhanced tool life and good surface finish. In spite of this additive level, GREIBOCUT VG-10H is well suitable for yellow metal processing.

Shear stable anti-mist additives will reduce oil misting especially in grinding operations. Thanks to its low aerosol formation potential and the high flash point, the product meets the highest safety requirements in the field of magnesium machining.

Storage temperature to range between 5 and 40 °C, consumption period recommended is 12 months.



  • universally applicable on steel, cast iron, aluminium and magnesium alloys as well as on yellow metals
  • low oil misting
  • suitable in grinding operations and for rough machining


Physical data

Appearance visual yellowish  
Density/20 °C DIN 51757 approx. 0.842 g/cm3
Viscosity/20 °C DIN 51562/1 approx. 21 mm2/s
Viscosity/40 °C DIN 51562/1 approx. 10.2 mm2/s
Flash point ISO 2592 > 160 °C
Pourpoint ISO 3016 < - 10 °C
Neutralization number
DIN 51588 T2

approx. 0.20

mg KOH/g
Copper corrosion DIN EN ISO 2160 la—lb  
Aerosol formation potential
DBL 6571/3

approx. 7
After shear stress DBL 6571/3 approx. 0.20 approx. 64


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