Chlorine-free deep drifting oil


GREIBOCUT T400 is a low-viscosity, high-performance deep drilling oil on the basis of quality mineral oils. Especially for deep hole drilling and broaching operations with high cutting speed and high feed, the product contains alloying components to provide excellent cutting performance, high surface finish and enhanced tool life.

GREIBOCUT T400 has exclusively been developed for the machining of all kinds of steel. Maximum performance is achieved in the range from 600 - 900 N/mm2 material hardness.

GREIBOCUT T400 gives precise bores even where the necessary operation temperatures can not be obtained due to low cutting forces.

This odourless product ensures good heat removal as well as good chip flow due to its low viscosity. Thanks to the anti mist additives contained, only slight oil mist formation can be obtained while processing.

GREIBOCUT T400 contains copper-active components and is not suitable for the machining of yellow metals, therefore.

This product is highly suitable for gun drilling, but can also be applied for operations using ejector-and BTA-tools. Also applicable for vertical, internal, surface and tube broaching.


Physical data

Appearance   yellow  
Density/20 °C DIN 51757 approx. 0.915 g/cm3
Viscosity/40 °C DIN 51562/1 approx. 17.5 mm2/s
Flashpoint ISO 2592 approx. 156 °C
Pourpoint ISO 3016 < - 46 °C
Copper corrosion test DIN EN ISO 2160 4 c  


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