Semi-synthetic emulsion type metalworking fluid


GREIBOCUT 4035 is a boron and amine containing water-miscible, semi-synthetic multi-purpose coolant. It is developed for light to medium-duty machining operations on steel, cast iron and aluminium alloys. Due to its good welting and rinsing performance, along with an excellent low-foam tendency, GREIBOCUT 4035 is also highly recommended for grinding applications. GREIBOCUT 4035 is suitable for soft to very hard water-hardness (80 to 900 ppm CaCO3).

GREIBOCUT 4035 contains approx. 25% of mineral oil and also a high performance ester additive. Due to these factors the GREIBOCUT 4035 emulsion has excellent lubricity performance in use. The concentrate does not contain nitrite and secondary amines, therefore it corresponds to the TRGS 611 regulations. Special inhibitors also give effective prevention against nitrosamine formation. Due to an efficient system of anti-corrosion additives, GREIBOCUT 4035 emulsions provide long-term pH-stability and low service requirements.

We recommend to make-up the GREIBOCUT 4035 emulsion with an applicable coolant mixing unit. Make-up water from 80 — 520 ppm CaCO3 and a temperature around 20 0C is suitable to make a fresh emulsion. In use the application temperature should ideally around 20 °C and not higher than 40 °C.

Ideal storage conditions should be between 5 to 40 °C and importantly the concentrate has to be protected from frost. The shelf life of GREIBOCUT 4035 is 6 months. GREIBOCUT 4035 concentrate is classified as Water Hazard Class 1. Always refer to the material safety data sheet before use.


Key benefits:

  • excellent pH-stability
  • very good corrosion protection
  • low foam behavior
  • stable emulsion


Physical data

Appearance/20 °C


 clear — slightly hazy, yellowish liquid  
Density/20 °C DIN 51757 approx. 0.957 g/cm3
Viscosity/20 °C DIN 51562/1 approx. 295 mm2/s
Pourpoint ISO 3016 approx. -17 °C
pH value, 5 %, DIN water, 20 °C
DIN 51369

approx. 9.4
Corrosion protection, 3 % DIN 51360/2 note 0  
Foam behavior, 5%, water with 20 °C German hardness

PLM 045

immediate foam knock down


Factors for concentration determination

Refractometer 1.3
Acid split method 1.9
acidimetric titration up to pH 4 0.73
acidimetric titration up to pH 7 0.89


Concentrations recommended for use

machining operations: 5 — 10 %
grinding: 3 — 5 %


All information quoted above is based on our experience and actual know-how but is given without guaranteeand obligation. Recommendations on the application and use of our products, should be adapted to the particular working conditions and materials employed.