Water-dilutabel metalworking fluid


GREIBOCUT 116H is a boron and formaldehyde free, high performance coolant for steel, cast iron and aluminium machining processes. GREIBOCUT 116H is a multifunctional coolant and therefore suitable for various machining operations. GREIBOCUT 116H is a hard water version of the proven GREIBOCUT 116H technology. Therefore, the total hardness of the make up water can range between 340 to 520 ppm CaCO3 (20 —30 °dH).

GREIBOCUT 116H contains approx. 32 % mineral oil and 15 % high lubricity ester. GREIBOCUT 116H emulsions provide a high tool life and excellent surface finish quality due to a special raw material combination. The emulsions give long term stability even without formaldehyde. GREIBOCUT 116H does not contain any secondary amines and nitrite. Therefore it conforms to the TRGS 611 regulations.

We recommend to make-up the GREIBOCUT 116H emulsion with proprietary coolant auto-mixing equipment, alternatively add the concentrate to the water in a fast moving area of the system. Ideally use water at room-temperature. The working temperature of the emulsion should not exceed 40 °C. We recommend testing all sensitive materials for compatibility (e.g. discolouration/staining) before using.

For cleaning of the machined components we recommend a mild alkaline cleaner from our GREIBOPON range. The GREIBOCUT 116H concentrate should be stored at temperatures between 5 and 35 °C, protected from frost. Always observe the use by date on containers.


Key Benefits:

  • free of boron and formaldehyde
  • made for hard water applications
  • excellent filter ability
  • very good flushing performance
  • long life, pH-stable emulsion
  • enhanced corrosion protection


Physical data

Appearance/20 °C


clear — slightly hazy, brown liquid  
Density/20 °C DIN 51757 approx. 0.957 g/cm3
Viscosity/20 °C DIN 51562/1 approx. 295 mm2/s
pH-value, 5 %, DIN water, 20 °C
DIN 51369

approx. 9.9
pH-value after 24 — 72 hours of using
DIN 51369

approx. 9.2 — 9.5
Corrosion protection, 5 %
DIN 51360/2

note 0
Foam behaviour, 5%, water with 20 °dH

PLM 045

immediate foam knock down


Factors for concentration determination

Refractometer 1.1
Acid split method 1.4
acidimetric titration up to pH 4 0.75*
acidimetric titration up to pH 7 0.82*

*) Method used: Titration of a 10 ml sample with 0.1 n hydrochloric acid up to pH 4


Concentrations recommended for use

drilling, turning, milling: 5 — 10 %
reaming, sawing: 8 — 15 %
grinding: 4 — 6 %