Defoaming agent for sewage treatment plants



Form of delivery: liquid, possibly with sediment
Appearance: whitish to yellow
Density (20 °C): 0,9 g/cm³ DIN 51757, ISO 12185
Viscosity (20 °C): 500 - 1000 mPa•s DIN 53019, ISO 6388
(10 % in water, 20 °C):

5 - 7

DIN 19261, ISO 4316
Miscibility with water: emulsifiable


Chemical composition

Combination of higher alcohols, higher hydrocarbons and fatty derivatives


Fields of application

Due to its wide working range on the pH-scale GREIMIN STW is suitable for defoaming of the most different process waters and waste waters.

GREIMIN STW is able to decrease foams that arise during processing of vegetable or animal substances or to prevent their development.

  • Defoaming of waste waters in biological and mechanical sewage plants The product is to a large extent independent of the kind of the waste waters to defoam and does not show with normal dosage any negative influence on the biological life in the sewage plant.
  • Defoaming of cheese waste waters and dairy waste waters
  • Defoaming in paper processing (size press, waste water)



  • Highly effective antifoaming agent with good long-term effect


Storage behaviour

The product can form a turbidity or sediment at longer storage. This however does influence neither the effectiveness nor the dosing-ability. The viscosity of the product is temperature-dependent.

GREIMIN STW is not frost-sensitive. The product can be brought into the original state at any time by stirring, pumping or slight warming.

GREIMIN STW is storable in closed delivered packagings under normal temperature conditions (from +5°C to +30°C) at least a year.



GREIMIN STW is used undiluted, but may also be used in diluted form as an emulsion. The product respectively the emulsion has to be stirred or shaken, shortly before the application.

Usually the product is used in a concentration of 0.01 to 0.05 %. Suitability and dosage are to be determined through own practice tests on site in each case.

In order to reach a good distribution and small proportioning-amounts, it is recommended to add GREIMIN STW at a place where the liquid is turbulent.

Please do not add the assessed amount of the defoamer at the same time. Fundamentally wait a certain time after addition of a small quantity until a good distribution with the watery liquid occurred. Judge the achieved effect only then and add a further amount if necessary.


All information of this publication is based on our present knowledge and experience. It does not free the user of our products from own examinations and experiments. A legally obligatory assertion of specific qualities or the suitability for a concrete operation purpose can not be derived from our information. Possible industrial property rights as well as existing laws and definitions are to be considered by the receiver of our products in own responsibility.