Defoaming agent for recycling



GREIMIN BW-1 is a defoamer for foam control and anti-foaming mainly in aqueous systems.

Form of delivery: liquid  
Appearance: white  
Solidification point: ca. 0 °C  
Density (20 °C): 1 g/cm3 DIN 51757
pH (20 °C): 4 - 6 DIN 53996, ISO 4316
Solubility in water: emulsifiable  
Biological degradability: not readily biologically degradable 


Chemical composition

surfactant mixture


Fields of application

Because of its working range over a wide pH scale, GREIMIN BW-1 is suitable for defoaming of various process liquids.

GREIMIN BW-1 contains no fat or oil, and is therefore also applicable where these substances would cause problems. GREIMIN BW-1 therefore is particularly suitable for use in aqueous systems.

  • for defoaming of process cycle water of sorting and washing of plastics in plastics recycling
  • for defoaming of process cycle water of sorting and washing in car scrap recycling


Storage behaviour

Store GREIMIN BW-1 because of the low pH in plastic containers or containers made ​​of stainless steel.

For quality reasons, protect against cold, heat and sunlight. At temperatures below ca. 10 °C, the product will be inhomogeneous. Product that is solidified due to temperatures below the freezing point can be made ​​liquid again by heating and homogenizing. Inhomogeneous product can be homogenized again. For prolonged storage in direct sunlight or at temperatures above 50 ° C, the product might turn yellowish.

When stored in sealed original containers at temperatures below 30 °C, GREIMIN BW-1 is storable at least one year.

Stir, pump or shake well before use.



Typically, the product is used in a concentration from 0.01 to 0.05 %. In any case, suitability and dosage amount are to be determined through own practical tests on site.

In order to achieve a good distribution and low dosages, it is recommended to add GREIMIN BW-1 in an area in which the liquid that is to defoaming is well agitated.

Please do not add the predicted amount of defoamer at once, but always wait after adding a small amount for a certain time until a uniform distribution is performed with the liquid that is to defoaming. Only then assess the effect achieved and, where appropriate, add a further amount of defoamer.


All information of this publication is based on our present knowledge and experience. It does not free the user of our products from own examinations and experiments. A legally obligatory assertion of specific qualities or the suitability for a concrete operation purpose can not be derived from our information. Possible industrial property rights as well as existing laws and definitions are to be considered by the receiver of our products in own responsibility.