Polyacrylic polymer retanning agent for soft leathers


The usage of GREIBOTAN TL during the neutralization improves the grain tightness. It is ideal for washable leather, it stabilizes the fibre structure so that the character of the leathers remains.



Base: Aqueous solution of acryl acid and ester
Appearance: Colourless liquid
Concentration: 20 - 24 %
pH of a 10 % solution:
4.0 – 5.0
Light fastness: Excellent

Unchanged even after several washing GREIBOTAN TL has excellent waterproofing properties. When the product is mixed with fatliquor, it ensures a very soft effect, dispersing the fatliquor emulsion and helps them to penetrate thoroughly. At the same time the exhaustion will be influenced positively.



For washable garment:
6 % 

  8 - 10 %  GREIBOSOL HPH
  1 - 2 %  GREIBOSOL SBH


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