Filling agent for leathers


GREIBOTAN PRF has filling properties and can be used for loose grain and flat raw materials.

GREIBOTAN PRF ensures a good filling effect and improves the buffability of suede and nubuck leathers.



Base: Natural albuminous substance
Appearance: Yellowish to white powder
Concentration: Approx. 98 %
pH of a 10 % solution:
5.9 - 6.5
Charge: Anionic



Light fastness: Excellent
Heat resistance: Excellent
Storage life: About 1 year


Stability in:
chrome tanning floats:
Method of diluting: GREIBOTAN PRF is added undissolved into the floats.

GREIBOTAN PRF is used on its own or in combination with mineral-, synthetic- or vegetable tanning materials. One option of its application is in the cationic retanning in combination with mineral tanning salts before the neutralization. Used in the anionic retanning GREIBOTAN PRF can be combined with synthetic and vegetable tanning agents.


All information quoted above is based on our experience and actual know-how but is given without guarantee and obligation. Recommendations on the application and use of our products, should be adapted to the particular working-conditions and other materials employed.