Chrome Syntan for pre-tanning and retanning


GREIBOTAN CS is a chrome syntan for the pre-tanning and retanning of all types of leather.



Base: Chrome syntan
Appearance: Green powder
Concentration: 92 - 94 %
pH of a 10 % solution:
3.0 - 3.6
Cr2O3: 11 - 13 %

GREIBOTAN CS owns strong complexing components which fix the chrome, contained in the product.

It obtains smooth and very tight grain leathers, improves softness and reduces the stretch of nappa and other soft leathers.

The use of this product for re-chroming helps with maintaining the chrome character of the leathers with good fullness & softness. It exhausts completely from the re-chroming bath at elevated temperature.


All information quoted above is based on our experience and actual know-how but is given without guarantee and obligation. Recommendations on the application and use of our products, should be adapted to the particular working-conditions and other materials employed.