Gerhard Grothe was honored with an honorary award 2016 for his outstanding contributions to the "Cluster of Plastics and Chemistry". For 20 years, Grothe successfully founded the GREIBO-Chemie GmbH , founded by him in 1996, before handing over management to his daughter and son this year. The family-owned company is mainly active in the Asian market with fermenter chemicals and supplies so-called defoamers for the sugar industry, plastics recycling, wastewater treatment and paper making to the EU area. For the German market, GREIBO-Chemie GmbH manufactures, for example, the production of bearings for the metal processing industry, mainly manufacturing auxiliary materials (cooling lubricants). GREIBO-Chemie is characterized by the latest earnings and company growth. Already in the seventh year of its existence, a new production hall was built in 2003. In addition to his entrepreneurial commitment, Gerhard Grothe spent a considerable amount of time and effort on the development of the plastics and chemistry cluster. He is one of the key drivers in the field of biofuels specialty chemicals.


Ehrenpreisverleihung „Cluster Kunststoffe und Energie“ 2016