Lanolin fatliquor with water-repellent effect


GREIBOSOL WFS reduces the water absorption of chrome or combination tanned leathers. By its chemical constitution GREIBOSOL WFS has a moisture regulating effect. This guarantees constant humidity in the leathers also in different climates.

GREIBOSOL WFS is the ideal product for areas with a very hot and dry climate and is applied for vegetable tanned leathers, splits for shoes and the production of upper leathers.




Combination of Lanolin with natural fatty raw materials
Appearance: Yellowish to brownish paste
Concentration: Approx. 50 %
Chemical treatment: Sulphited
pH of a 10% solution: About 6.2
Charge: Anion-active



Light fastness: Adequate
Heat resistance: Moderate
Storage life:

Up to 1 year
Below temperatures of 10 °C GREIBOSOL WFS thickens.


Stability in:

chrome tanning floats: Good
Method of diluting:

GREIBOSOL WFS is diluted with water at 60°C whilst stirring. The emulsion is a coarse dispersion.


All information quoted above is based on our experience and actual know-how but is given without guarantee and obligation. Recommendations on the application and use of our products, should be adapted to the particular working-conditions and other materials employed.