Synthetic fatliquor for single application


GREIBOSOL LEU is an excellent fatliquor for the single application on softy leather with the result of a light weight and fluffy leather with a full round handle. A silky touch and a high gloss is achieved on suede leathers treated with GREIBOSOL LEU.

With GREIBOSOL LEU the uniformity of dying will be improved and the product can be applied with other anionic fatliquorin agents.

By adding GREIBOSOL STE the surface effect can be varied.



Base: Highly molecular, saturated hydrocarbons
Appearance: Yellow oil
Concentration: Approx. 70 %
Chemical treatment: Sulphonated
pH of a 10 % solution:
Approx. 7 %
Charge: Anionic



Light fastness: Excellent
Heat resistance: Good
Storage life:

Approx. 1 year
Not sensitive against frost


Stability in:

tanning floats: Not stable in mineral tanning floats
Method of diluting:

GREIBOSOL LEU can be added undiluted into the floats. Diluted with water at
60°C in ratio 1:4 it will give a milky, fine dispersed emulsion.


All information quoted above is based on our experience and actual know-how but is given without guarantee and obligation. Recommendations on the application and use of our products, should be adapted to the particular working-conditions and other materials employed.