Cationic fatliquoring agent for leathers


For full grain and suede leathers, GREIBOSOL KOS is the ideal fatliquoring agent. Due to its excellent chrome stability it is applied in the chrome tannage for improving softness and dyeing of glove leather.

When retanning suedes and uppers with mineral tanning agents, GREIBOSOL KOS improves the dyeing and grain elasticity.




Combination of natural and synthetic fatty substances
Appearance: White emulsion
Concentration: Approx. 60%
Chemical treatment: Sulphonated
pH of a 10 % emulsion:
Approx. 4.0
Charge: Cationic



Lightfastness: Very good
Heat resistance: Very good
Storage life:

Up to about 6 months
Not sensitive against frost


Stability in:

mineral tanning baths:
vegetable tanning baths:
Not stable
Method of diluting: Stir water at 60 °C into the product.

Due to the use during the sandwich dyeing GREIBOSOL KOS improves the brilliance of the shade.
In the case of pasting dyeing, GREIBOSOL KOS prevents the penetration of the bonding agent into the grain layer.


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