Water-insoluble fatliquor


GREIBOSOL K is only an additive together with a suitable watersoluble fatliquoring agent. The desired effect influences the used quantity. GREIBOSOL K imparts to mineral or in combination tanned leathers a full and well nourished handle. The surface lubrication can be adjusted to a great extent by a joint application of this product.



Base: Neatsfoot oil
Appearance: Yellow oil
Concentration: Almost 100 %



Light fastness: Excellent
Heat resistance: Very good
Storage life:

Up to about 1 year
Pouring point about –10°C.


Stability in:

chrome tanning floats:
Not stable
Method of diluting:

GREIBOSOL K should be stirred into the water-soluble fatliquor, the exact quantities depend on the required effect.
Water at 60°C should be added by stir ring the mixture.


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