For all kinds of upper leathers




Combination of ester sulphonates and high molecular aliphatic hydrocarbons
Appearance: Orange Brown liquid
Chemical treatment: Sulphonated
pH of a 10 % solution:
approx. 6 -8
Charge: Anionic


GREIBOSOL GWK is especially suitable for garment and upholstery leather and will add good softness and full round handle. Excellent dye ability combined with slightly waxy touch can be achieved. The product can be used as sole or main fat liquor for pastel shade and white leathers.



Light fastness: Good
Heat resistance: Good
Storage life:

Up to 12 months, not sensitive against frost, stir well before use.
Stability against:

Resistant to electrolytes in usual working concentrations.
Method of diluting:

GREIBOSOL GWK can be added undiluted or diluted with water to the floats.


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