Upper leather fatliquor


GREIBOSOL EFL will provide a good water repelling effect, good softness and a full round handle to the leathers. It is especially appropriate for vegetable retanned leathers and ensures additional good dyeing properties.



Base: Phosphoric acid ester
Appearance: Yellow to beige viscous liquid or paste
pH of a 10 % solution:
7 - 9
Charge: Anionic



Light fastness: Very good
Heat resistance: Good
Storage life:

Approx. 1 year
Not sensitive against frost
The product clouds because of its emulsifying character and tends to small variations in colour and consistency and separation during storage.


Stability in:

chrome tanning floats:
Not stable
Method of diluting:

Greibosol EFL can be added diluted or undiluted with warm or cold water. Stir well before use.


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