Fatliquoring agent - very soft types of leather


GREIBOSOL DX is used for very soft leathers. The main applications are upper leather and nappa. Through the application you can achieve good grain tightness. The product is even applicable for white and pastel shade leathers. GREIBOSOL DX gives a fine and even break to dry drummed leathers. Further it provides a good fatliquor consumption.



Base: Natural and synthetic raw materials, manufactured in a special process
Appearance: Light brown liquid
Concentration: Approx. 65%
Chemical treatment: Sulphated
pH of a 10 % solution:
7.5 – 8.5
Charge: Anionic



Light fastness: Very good
Heat resistance: Good
Storage life:

1 year
Resistant against frost.
After frost exposure heat to approx. 20°C and homogenize by means of stirring.


Stability in:

chrome tanning floats:
Method of diluting:

GREIBOSOL DX is diluted with water at 60°C whilst stirring; it will give a fine dispersed emulsion. The product can also be added undiluted (1:4). It also can be added undiluted into the floats.


All information quoted above is based on our experience and actual know-how but is given without guarantee and obligation. Recommendations on the application and use of our products, should be adapted to the particular working-conditions and other materials employed.